Payday Loans FAQ


What should I know about payday loan?

Before submitting your application for cash advance online, you should know that internet payday loans deal with the stable banks that issue credits for individuals on an unsecured basis (aka no-fax payday loans, or payday loans without employment verification). This means that you will skip the stage where the regular bank would require presenting documents from your work and the papers that state that your previous credit history was flawless, which comes in extra convenient when a borrower has a bad credit history or no credit history at all.

How do I get started with my payday loan?

To get started with your same day payday loan you will need to fill in a free online form for us to receive full information about the borrower for further redirection of your personal information into the bank.

Can I be sure that my personal information stays confidential?

Yes, you can rest assured that none of the information that you share with us as a part of your online payday loan application will go amiss; the confidentiality of our customers is of the primary concern to us. We only use your personal information for the bank to consider your eligibility for a payday loan; further, the information can not become a property of a third party as we use special type of information encryption at our website that prevents the hackers from intrusion into your private area.

How do I qualify for an online payday loan?

Almost every borrower of full age can qualify for a faxless payday loan, as it were, as there is no need to present papers proving that you are employed or your previous credit history was impeccable.

How long does it usually take to receive a payday loan online?

The entire process takes fairy little, as the bank does not need to check the information in the papers as there are no papers as such - in fact, the bank only considers your claim basing on your personal data. The time period needed for the check and approving does not normally take more than 24 hours, but in fact takes much less time in the majority of cases.